The Best Non-Leather Shoes

Non-Leather Shoe/Boot Review
Most vegetarian shoes are low-performance and cheap-looking because specialist manufacturers do not have the facilities to make decent shoes, and they know that beggars cannot be choosers. Here we review the best…

EVER LOOKED AT A NON-LEATHER SHOE CATALOGUE? Depressing isn't it! Nothing really that you could call a performance shoe and the styles are so bland and dated. I have a few vegan shoes but avoid wearing them when it is raining or when I am going a hike.

Fortunately, some of the big shoe manufacturers do produce non-leather models, and it is these that we listing here. Some have expressed concern that we are promoting large shoe companies ahead of small shoe companies, but we feel that promoting the best non-leather shoes, period, not only raises the bar for vegetarian shoe manufacturers, but encourages large companies to start bringing out more vegetarian models, and in the process substantially reducing animal skin use. No use, after all, preaching to the converted.

So here are some of our current favourites. If you know of other brands that are high-performance and well-made, please let us know.



  • North Face Hedgehog: A synthetic shoe with a gortex lining and high-grip vibram sole. Really like these.
  • Salomon: This brand seem to be producing some great leather-free footwear amongst its collection, including gortex hiking boots and running shoes. Sizes are on the small side.
  • Karrimor Exhale: Do a good solid mesh shoe that is very well priced. Definitely worth checking out. (Look a bit cheap though.)


Not Recommended

  • Merrel Maipo: Non-leather but not very sturdy and lacing system breaks long before the sole wears.