Animal Rights & Protection

Animals are not ours to use and abuse. All the uses that animals are put to can now be met through cruelty-free means. By disregarding animal life, we disregard human life, for in killing and abusing other sentient beings we destroy our humanity, integrity, health and the planet.

Blackfish - 2013 documentary on the cruelty of SeaWorld (Nov 2013)
Keeping whales and dolphins in pools for the entertainment of crowds as happens in SeaWorld is extremely cruel. This documentary examins this abuse and how his cruelty probably lead to the deaths of trainers. Please boycott SeaWorld and similar water animal parks.

Those Poor Baby Seals
Whether it involves baby seals or women, men seem to have a proclivity to hurting and killing those who are more vulnerable. Suki looks at the seal shame of Canada and the academic repression of women's suffering. [more]

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The Vegetarian MythCopenhagen Zoo Butchers Baby Giraffe / Feb 2014
If you needed a reminder of what zoos are really about, this is it. Copenhagen Zoo has just butchered a healthy baby giraffe in front of young children to "combat interbreeding". Despite Marius being offered a place at other zoos, a private buyer offering €500,000 for him, the possibility of him have a vasectomy, and the possibility of returning him to the wild, Copenhagen Zoo decided that the best course of action was to kill him with a bolt gun, butcher him in front of children for "educational reason", and then feed the flesh to the lions. And in case you think this is just a one-off incident, Danish media reports that Copenhagen Zoo destroys 20-30 animals a year, including bears, tigers and zebras. Zoos hide behind a veneer of "ethical conservation" but at the end of the day they are no better than circuses. Boycott all zoos immediately and stop this need to take out children to gawk at animals in cages, let alone allowing them to watch animals being butchered. Even safari parks are no better: recently, Longleat Safari Park put down two lions and four cubs rather than bothering to find them new homes. What a disgrace. If you love animals, visit them in the wild and if you are unable to do that, watch a wildlife television program. And please don't eat them!