Animal Care & Nature Connection - Videos

Watch These Animals Being Freed for the Very First Time! - (Feb 2016)
Last chance for Animals is a non-profit organisaion dedicated to eliminating all animal exploitation and cruelty. In this touching video they show animals being freed from captivity for the first time. If you believe we all deserve to be free then please consider donating.

The Role of Deep Nature Connection in Culture Repair - Jon Young (Nov 2014)
Excellent lecture at the Manzanita Institute by Jon Young, an expert tracker in the United States who is able to directly communicate with animals. Here he talks about Nature Connection and how important it is for us to recover our wholeness and repair our society.

The Superior Human - Part of 2102 documentary on Species-ism (Apr 2014)
We humans like to think we are superior to animals, so superior in fact that most of us believe it is okay to murder animals for food, clothing and shear pleasure, despite alternatives being freely available. This compelling documentary makes the case that animals are not inferior to humans.

Gary Yourofsky Gives The Best Speech on Stopping Eating Animals (Apr 2014)
Yourofsky is a vegan animal liberation activist who gives just about the best pro-veganism speeches around. No thinking and feeling person can listen to what Yourofsky has to say without being changed in some way. If you won't become vegan for the animals' sake, do it for health!

2014 Canadian Seal Hunt Exposed (Apr 2014)
Seal hunting is extremely cruel and yet the Canadian government turns a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of seals inhumanely slaughtered each year. The killing in 2015 has already started and it is time that we push to stop this barbarism. Support The Humane Society.

The Animal Communicator - Anna Breytenback (Nov 2013)
Breytenback is an expert in interspecies communication. We can all communicate to animals but because we do not believe it is possible we usually don't even try… unless we have a pet, in which case animal communication is taken for granted! Her website is www.animalspirit.org.

Blackfish - 2013 documentary on the cruelty of SeaWorld (Nov 2013)
Keeping whales and dolphins in pools for the entertainment of crowds as happens in SeaWorld is extremely cruel. This documentary examins this abuse and how his cruelty probably led to the deaths of trainers. Please boycott SeaWorld and similar water animal parks.

Luiz Antonio - A little boy who instinctively knows it is wrong to eat animals (May 2013)
Sometimes we have have to hear it from a small child before we can recognize self-evident truth. You can just see the honesty and openness of his mind trying to get to grips with the fact that we cut up animals and eat them for food. As he says, "Animals are for us to take care [of]."

The Real Matrix - 101 Reasons to Go Vegan - James Wildman (Feb 2013)
This presentation by James Wildman of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (arff.org) covers the reasons and benefits of giving up animal products and eating a vegan diet, and the dietary falacies that keep people believing that they need to eat meat, dairy and eggs.

Burger King Cruelty - Animal Abuse at Dairy Farm (Oct 2012)
So you think that becoming vegetarian is a cruelty-free lifestyle choice? This disturbing video shows what happens at a dairy farm in Idaho that supplies cheese to Burger King. Unless you are a total vegan (eat no meat, dairy or eggs), you are still supporting terrible animal cruelty.

Philip Wollen: Animals Should Be Off the Menu Debate (May 2012)
A stirring speech by humanitarian Philip Wollen who calls a vegetarian diet the Swiss Army Knife for world problems because if humanity stopped eating meat it would save the planet, stop our ill health, but most importantly, stop terrible suffering of sentient beings. Go Vegan!

Paul McCartney's Glass Walls - Official Video (Oct 2011)
If slaughter houses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian. Videos like this one allow us to have x-ray vision into what is normally hidden — the terrible cruelty of the meat, dairy and egg industries. If we want to be truely compassionate (and healthy), a vegan diet is compulsory.

Beagle Freedom Project - Second Rescue (Jun 2011)
After years living in cold cages, without companionship and love, suffering the cruelty and torment of animal experimentation, these beagles have finally been set free, and we can see their first steps on grass. A very moving video :-)

Gary Yourofsky puts forward the case for becoming vegan (Dec 2010)
This lecture was given by animal-rights activist, Gary Yourofsky, at Georgia Tech in the 2010. It is probably one of the best videos to persuade meat-eaters and lacto-ovo-vegetarians to become vegan. The abuse of animals highlighted in this video is absolutely breathtaking.

Farm to Fridge - The Turth Behind Meat Production (Dec 2010)
Warning: this video shows EXTREME cruelty. Do you still eat meat? Please consider becoming a plant eater as the meat industry is founded on shameful cruelty. We will never have a peaceful planet as long as we violently exploit animals. MercyforAnimals

Energy Healing for a Wolf / Earthfire Institute (May 2010)
We have forgotten the close bond that we can have with animals, and treat them more as a commodity or curiosity. In this video we see a healer helping a wolf with a neurological problem. Wolves are much maligned by humans because we lost our connection to them. Earthfire Institute

Dying for Fur - Inside the Chinese Fur Trade - Part 1 (2009)
A look inside the Chinese fur industry, where much of the world's fur comes from. If you wear any sort of fur, then you are supporting this level of torture. STOP BUYING FUR NOW! Visit SAP website.

Dying for Fur - Inside the Chinese Fur Trade - Part 2 (2009)
Warning: this video shows EXTREME cruelty. As fur from China ends up on articles of clothing 'made in' all sorts of other countries, you must stop buying it altogether.

Fowl Play - Chicken Intelligence (Aug 09)
"Bird brain" is used as an insult because it has always been assumed that birds have very little higher cognative function. However, animal behaviorist, Johathan Balcome, speaks here of the little-known natural intelligence of chickens.

L'empathie - A Touching Reminder of the Empathy of Animals (June 09)
"Nature red in tooth and claw" is a maxim that many of us believe because we have been indoctrinated by Darwinism's "survival of the fittest". But the truth is that animals can have huge empathy, often more than humans.

NEPAL — The Land of the Spirit… and Terrible Animal Abuse! (2009)
Each year at Nepalese religious festivals, hundreds of thousands of animals are murdered by ignorant people to appease gods and godesses. To find out how you can help stop this carnage, please visit AnimalNEPAL.org.

The Jaw-Dropping Cruelty of the Chinese Fur Trade(2008)
Warning: this video shows EXTREME cruelty. There is nothing attractive about wearing a product manufactured with such astonishing cruelty. Please stop wearing fur of any kind — you never know where it comes from.

Otters Holding Hands (Mar 2007)
Animals are so sweet sometimes! Here we see two otters at Vancouver Aquarium holding hands as they float around their pool. Ahhhhhhhh!

Meet Your Meat: A short PETA film showing the horrors of the meat, milk and egg industries. If you eat any of these products, you are not only supporting barbarism but contributing to the ecological destruction of our dying planet.

Please Stop Buying Items Made from Australian Wool / 2006
The Australian wool industry is a barbaric industry. Please watch this video and encourage your family and friends to stop buying wollen products. Use cotton and/or synthetics instead.

EARTHLINGS — Shaun Monson / Joaquin Phoenix Narrator (2003)
Although released in 2003, this documentary remains one of the best highlighting the cruelty that humans shamefully inflict on animals. Whether we eat them, wear their skins, use them as pets, use them for medical research, or just plain mistreat them, we inflict terrible suffering.