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Gary Yourofsky is a militant animal rights activist who believes violence should play a role in any struggle for animal liberation. He dismisses pacifism, and hopes bad humans are raped, tortured and executed. He also gives the most persuasive lectures on veganism. [more →]
Those Poor Baby Seals
Whether it involves baby seals or women, men seem to have a proclivity to hurting and killing those who are more vulnerable. Suki looks at the seal shame of Canada and the academic repression of women's suffering. [more →]
Falconberg describes her Hall of Shame of human barbarism towards animals, and imagines a world free from the killer apes that foolishly believe they are the crowing achievement of life's evolution. [more →]
Rats are so unvalued by humanity that they are either exterminated or tortured in labs. But there is another side you will only see if you know one personally. [more →]
The terrible cruelty that all nations inflict on animals can often be found in our own neighbourhoods, and the results of that cruelty can often be found in our own refrigerators. [more →]
Falconberg describes the horror that goes on in slaughterhouses and the blasé way this horror is perpectrated, and she draws parrallels with the 'fuck meat' prostitution industry. [more →]
This is a great collection of facts and figures about why it might be a good idea to go vegetarian. [more →]