The Alien Club Directory

If you decide to contact any of these beings, please take the same precautions that you would with strangers on any networking site.


deliva (16 Aug 2004)
Tall dark exotic female passionate proactive socially consciuous evolved creative. Seeking energetic like minded aliens with a strong desire to make a difffernce in the world.


zeen (01 Apr 2006)
my name is Zeen and ive been in this planet for 20 years. i was put here to interact with human form and send all type of information back to the planets in the galaxy. i contact them every night. i can no longer breath, i need to go back. earth is changing. we have tried to warn humans all this time, but goverment always try to attack us or make up lies about us, anybody who's really from the outer galaxy contact me. my receptors are always open for us in this planet, i can also help you go back!

khaehaeroenzohon (30 Apr 2005)
I am not from another planet but another level of reality - and I take this seriously. The apes became Homo Sapiens by whatever force, supernatural or science. We need to evolve beyond humanity before its wars, evils and hate kill our minds, souls and this planet. We have a duty to teach, never to preach. Power can be good or evil: use yours!


vorlox viorp (7 Apr 2010)
I am from planet Xardon in Virgo Cluster. I am seeking to venture with human forms. Please reply if you wish to venture with me.

ernest molina (2 Nov 2005)
I'm from Planet Chubarnex in the Delta fletch Galaxy. I think that my alien parents dropped me off here and forgot about me.


smangtak (28 Oct 2005)
hi i came from my home planet 27,000 thousand years ago and have been living in current day ohio in a tree ever scince. i recently ventured out to explore the world and i found this site. i would like to meet you all…..and eat your brains or just play chess.

ericka (02 Feb 2005)
I am a female, 5'5 dark brown with reddish tent eyes. Olive to reddish tent skin. Dark Brown hair. I have had some pyc. episodes of "knowing" things. I have had experiences I can not explain but know somehow a connection is there.  I have been told that I have knowledge for which is unexplainable.  I do research and during my research have come across "Signs" to "Awaken" something in me.  I am glad that like minds are together to work for Earth's Awakening.


maji (05 Oct 2006)
I now languages that were not taught to me. I recognize the language posted at energy grid. I can speak a star language that is foreign to this planet. I have many gifts that are beyond normal.


zeptepi (12 Mar 2005)
Sometimes I become so very homesick for places I've never been in this physical incarnation, I become desperate and then depressed because I have no one to talk to who might understand what I am feeling.  This feeling of desperation is growing more and more pronounced as the years pass because it seems that there is some greater purpose for my existence.  Likewise, I simply know things that I have no business knowing and again, I have no one to tell about it.  It would be nice to know that others share this feeling of belonging, yet not belonging, this feeling of existing, yet not existing.


crash1947 (04 Aug 2006)
5'11" brown hair blue eyes...... (sometimes), 200Lbs travel alot.