The Alien Club

Do you come from another planet? Do you feel like a complete outsider? Do you look up at the stars with a longing to return home? Join The Alien Club to meet with like-minded individuals.


So why have we come to this primitive planet? Why have we chosen to leave our homes to be here at this difficult time? Granted that this planet can be exquisitely beautiful in places, but there are many planets just as beautiful. And the local inhabitants are challengingly capricious… not only showing the ability for remarkable love and altruism but also a unconscious readiness to destroy not only their very ecological life-support system but anyone and anything that stands in the way of its addiction to control and violence. So there would have to be something quite remarkable going on for so many of us to choose Earth as our place of incarnation. And indeed there is.

The Earth is currently reaching the end of a grand cycle: a time in the imminent future predicted by most of the world's religions and cultural narratives. From one perspective, it is the end of the world; from another, the beginning of the next. What precisely will happen nobody knows (2012 seems pretty likely), although many different accounts agree that it will be a time when Heaven descents upon the Earth, and the vibration of the planet will be dramatically lifted. Already beings are arriving from all over the galaxy. Some incarnate into human bodies as we have, whilst others come in their more familiar bodies, needing crafts to transport them here to witness this remarkable transformation. What happens here, on this tiny blue-green planet in the backwaters of the Milky Way, will have huge ramifications and repercussions for all consciousness throughout the Universe.

Our mission on this planet is not to "do" anything in particular (although some do have specific tasks to achieve and will be told about these in due course). Rather, it is to be exactly who we are, fully acknowledging our alien identity so that we channel down the cosmic energies crucial to this birthing process. Without them, the new world will be stillborn. Each of us, therefore, is playing a vital role in fulfilling not only our own, but the Earth's and all terrestrial life-form's cosmic destiny. May we succeed in our task.