The Alien Club

Do you come from another planet? Do you feel like a complete outsider? Do you look up at the stars with a longing to return home? Join The Alien Club to meet with like-minded individuals.


When the cosmic touches the terrestrial, there is a deep transmutation: the base metal of human consciousness is transformed into the gold cosmic consciousness. Our bodies start changing as this new consciousness reorganises our living structure to better suit its expression. At first this is slow, but as the years of this new millennium roll by, that change is rapidly accelerating. We are waking up to our true identity and claiming our cosmic birthright.

There is evidence that the human body was prepared this celestial seeding of star consciousness at the birth of our species. The Suma texts, which are the original source for much of the biblical Genesis account, speak of visitors from the stars who created man by genetic engineering, splicing together alien and ape DNA to birth a new species. This would certainly explain some of the anomalies in the human genetic makeup and fossil record. Most ancient cultures from around the world speak of a cosmic genesis, involving visitors from the heavens. Perhaps our alien heritage is a crucial prerequisite for the mass emergence of cosmic consciousness here on Earth; perhaps it is the reason why cosmic consciousness is now able to "ground" in human bodies.

So when we look in the mirror, and see a "human" face, we see the vehicle through which our celestial consciousness navigates its Earthly existence. Society teaches us to focus on what we can see with our eyes, forgetting Antoine de Saint-Exupery's observation that, "what is essential is invisible to the eye." But that celestial essence can be seen. It can be recognized. But it takes a wise heart to see through the terrestrial mask.

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