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rachel (25 Feb 2005)
I am 41 and my parents told me that I was a strange child-knowing things that I shouldn't have known. I have had dreams as a child of falling to Earth and experiences participating with my alien brothers and sisters since the age of 4. At 12 I was told that when I heard 'the time is now' and to make preparations, and I started writing strange glyphs. I have always felt that I didn't belong here and have been able to see and do all sorts of strange things. I have been looking for others like myself; as there  have been lonely times. I am pleased to find others like me, and in particular, was wondering if anybody has a memory of a binary star system and a large Earth-like planet with a pinkish-hue sky and people living under domes which went under the ground leaving the rest of the planet alone and technology restricted to certain areas of the planet? (Pic is of a "guardian" that I took in 2002.)

anwin (11 Jan 2005)
I am 41 years of age and since a very early age, about 5 years old, I have had memories of having lived on another world.  I would have images in my mind of having come from a very advanced civilization.

daria (30 Oct 2004)
Alien. Uranus and Pluto figure strongly. Interested in human behaviour.