The Alien Club

Do you come from another planet? Do you feel like a complete outsider? Do you look up at the stars with a longing to return home? Join The Alien Club to meet with like-minded individuals.

Please fill in the form below to be considered for membership to The Alien Club

Please read the terms and conditions below, and if you accept them, fill out this application form. Membership is open to both individuals and organisations, and you can give an "ET" name to protect your privacy. Inclusion in the directory is synonymous with being a member of The Alien Club.

Terms and Conditions

 1. You must be an alien (not just a human feeling alienated) to be included in the directory. If you are not 100% certain,, please do not request listing.
 2. You must be 18 years old or over to submit a profile to the directory (there are a lot of young aliens around but I don't have time to list you all).
 3. You must be applying for membership for yourself and nobody else. Posting another person's details on this site is strictly prohibited.
 4. The Alien Club is not responsible for the nature and content of any emails you might receive as a result of being listed.
 5. The Alien Club reserves the right to delete your listing without giving any reason. (This will invariably happen if we feel you are abusing terms 1 - 3.)
 6. You retain the right to request deletion from the directory any time, and we will do our best to comply with that request ASAp.
 7. Should you ever choose to physically meet with a contact, you will exercise due diligence and caution (phone first, then public place etc.).
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