The Alien Club

Do you come from another planet? Do you feel like a complete outsider? Do you look up at the stars with a longing to return home? Join The Alien Club to meet with like-minded individuals.

WELCOME TO THE ALIEN CLUB - this planet's first alien networking service. Please note that we have a strict membership policy: You have to be a bona fide alien, period (NOT just feeling alienated, interested in aliens, a UFO nut or just weird… there are plenty of other sites around for these sorts of people).

The Alien Club was started as a way for aliens in human society to "come out" and stand up for who and what they are, and to allow such beings to network with each other as it understandably lonely always being a stranger in a strange land. Nothing is more fulfilling communicating with someone who understands where you are coming from.

Inclusion in the Club Directory is synonymous with being a member of The Alien Club. The directory is maintained manually to retain its integrity. (Anyone using it just for a laugh will soon find themselves rapidly deleted.)

If you are here for the first time, please read the Intro pages as these give a good introduction to aliens in human form and why we are here at this time.

We hope this club inspires you to form alien groups in your own country, for it has never been more important for aliens to network together to support each other during the challenging times ahead as this planet goes through the final stages of a painful birthing process. We are here at this time, on this planet, so that our collective presence channels in essential cosmic energies for the successful birth of a new world.


Please note that there are a lot of copycat alien introduction websites out there now, almost all appearing to be just having a bit of a laugh. This club, however, was deadly serious and up in 2002/2003 on a different domain, before later being integrated into this site.