Aliens & the Paranormal

Extraterrestrial and extradimensional visitors are a fact that is becoming harder and harder to dismiss by ridicule. There is now too much evidence and too many high-level individuals are coming forward with their stories. The question is now when official disclosure finally happens.

ET Invasion Has Already Occurred & Governments Are Hiding This From Us (Apr 2014)
Laura Eisenhower, a descendant of Dwight Eisenhower, asserts that the ET invasion of Earth has already happened and that our governments are hiding this truth from us. Our leaders sold us out to the grey aliens in exchange for technology. Read her full disclosure document here.

Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Confirms Existence of ETs on Earth (Dec 2013)
Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of Defense in the 1960s, and headed Canada's armed forces during the Cold War. Now that he has retired, he is speaking out about ETs visiting Earth and even living amongst us. Even many of technologies we have have come from the ETs.

An Interview with an English ET interview
John Smith—08/2007
Give up our humanity? That is the recommendation of a man living here in the UK who claims that he is an extraterrestrial. [more]
Reptilian Underground Bases -John Rhodes (Jan 2013)
In 2009, Coast to Coast interviewed John Rhodes, called the Crypto Hunter, whose research focuses on reptoids or reptilian humanoids. Rhodes believes that reptoids live in underground bases around the world, and that their intentions towards us are mixed — with some relatively benign whilst others seem to be positively dangerous. Rhodes believes that the reptoids have made agreements with secret cabals in our governments, and that they may be responsible for many of the human disappearances. One of the largest underground bases/cities is in Dulse, New Mexico. John Rhodes' website is