Aliens & Exopolitics

Extraterrestrial and extradimensional visitors are a fact that is becoming harder and harder to dismiss by ridicule. There is now too much evidence and too many high-level individuals are coming forward with their stories. The question is now when official disclosure finally happens.

Transformation - Lecture by Mary Rodwell (Jul 2016)
Rodwell is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, researcher and founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). In this lecture she takes ufology to a whole new multidimensional level that sees ET encounters as just one aspect of our awakening to our cosmic heritage.

SIRIUS: Dr. Steven Greer's Documentary on ET Visitation (Apr 2016)
Some people regard Greer as a disinfo agent because his positive perspective on UFOs and ETs could be a ploy to distract the public from negative ET/Gov agendas. But Greer has done more than anyone to get official disclosure and he offers a real message of hope here. Great docu!

Secret Space Program 2015 Round Table Discussion (Nov 2015)
Facinating discussion panel involving Dark Journalist, Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr Joseph P Farrell and Olav Phillips about their presentations during the conference and some additional questions to shed more light on the implications of the Secret Space Program.

ET Origins - Secrets of the Star People (Oct 2015)
Native Americans believe that now is the time for them to speak out about what they know about the Star People — visitors from other worlds. This two hour documentary covers the UFO phenomena in general and then brings in Native American wisdom and teachings, and how the Nations are familiar with the ET Star Nations and have always had sporadic contact and communication with them.
Videos are springing up on Youtube purportedly showing public figures and other human-looking individuals shape-shifting into Reptilians. Sadly, this 'evidence' is more a case of deep human prejudice that worryingly parallels that directed towards the Jews. [more →]
Humanity is changing, metamorphosing into something other, something polydimensional. And this is the real reason for the mass surveillance that we are all under, for in expanding definitions of self we free ourselves from societal enslavement. [more →]

Linda Moulton Howe: ET Resurrection Anunnaki & Interdimensional War (Feb 2015)
Dark Journalist interviews ET investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, concludes after years of research that UFO abduction is a program in resurrection technology to help human souls master inter-dimensional travel and restore the balance between worlds, dimensions and timelines.

Richard Dolan at the Secret Space Program Conference / 2014 San Mateo (Mar 2015)
Dolan is a great UFO/alien researcher because he is able to see the bigger picture: not just cataloging sightings and experiences, or uncovering new government files, but presenting the ramifications of disclosure and the presence of ETs.

Veritas RadioConfessions of NASA Insider Clark McClelland / An interview by VeritasRadio.com (Mar 2015)
McClelland worked for NASA as a SpaceCraft Operator from 1958 until 1992. In that time, McClelland came to learn some extraordinary things, including the fact that space is crawling with different ET races. Because McClelland become a whistle blower, the government revoked his pension and he has been struggling ever since to make ends meet, which is compounded by ill health. (If you would like to help Clark McClelland, please visit his website at www.stargate-chronicles.com and consider buying some chapters of his book or other memorabilia that can help McClelland pay his bills.)

Full Disclosure - Hon. Paul T. Hellyer (Mar 2015)
Former Defence Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, exposes the millitary-industrial cabal or elite that has hijacked the United States and ET technology, and uses continuous warmongering and it miliary might to economically and physically enslave the world. Hellyer proposes solutions.

ET Encounters of the Human Kind: Alexis Brooks interviews Richard Doland (Feb 2015)
Richard Dolan shares some of the stories he has heard about human looking ETs who are surreptitiously living amongst humans. These beings are extremely telepathic and often look and dress immaculately. They seem to be able to psychically keep a very low profile. This is just the first 16 minute clip of a one hour interview, so if you want to hear the whole thing visit the Conscious Life News website.

Richard Dolan: Why UFOs Matter (Oct 2014)
It is very easy to dismiss UFOs as a curiosity at best or just "conspiracy theory" nonsense. In this interview, Dolan tells us why UFOs matter and what they mean for humanity. You can see more of Dolan's research at his website: www.richarddolanpress.com.

ET Invasion Has Already Occurred & Governments Are Hiding This From Us (Apr 2014)
Laura Eisenhower, a descendant of Dwight Eisenhower, asserts that the ET invasion of Earth has already happened and that our governments are hiding this truth from us. Our leaders sold us out to the grey aliens in exchange for technology. Read her full disclosure document here.

The New Humans by Mary Rodwell / Lecture at British Exopolitics Expo (Dec 2012)
Rodwell presents testimony from over 1600 cases that she has collated that indicate that ET intelligences are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on this planet. There seems to be a whole ET agenda underway that is creating a new "species" of human.

An Interview with an English ET interview
John Smith—08/2007
Give up our humanity? That is the recommendation of a man living here in the UK who claims that he is an extraterrestrial. [more →]
Reptilian Underground Bases -John Rhodes (Jan 2013)
In 2009, Coast to Coast interviewed John Rhodes, called the Crypto Hunter, whose research focuses on reptoids or reptilian humanoids. Rhodes believes that reptoids live in underground bases around the world, and that their intentions towards us are mixed — with some relatively benign whilst others seem to be positively dangerous. Rhodes believes that the reptoids have made agreements with secret cabals in our governments, and that they may be responsible for many of the human disappearances. One of the largest underground bases/cities is in Dulse, New Mexico. John Rhodes' website is www.reptoids.com.