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Transformation - Lecture by Mary Rodwell (Jul 2016)
Rodwell is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, researcher and founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). In this lecture she takes ufology to a whole new multidimensional level that sees ET encounters as just one aspect of our awakening to our cosmic heritage.

SIRIUS: Dr. Steven Greer's Documentary on ET Visitation (Apr 2016)
Some people regard Greer as a disinfo agent because his positive perspective on UFOs and ETs could be a ploy to distract the public from negative ET/Gov agendas. But Greer has done more than anyone to get official disclosure and he offers a real message of hope here. Great docu!

Secret Space Program 2015 Round Table Discussion (Nov 2015)
Facinating discussion panel involving Dark Journalist, Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr Joseph P Farrell and Olav Phillips about their presentations during the conference and some additional questions to shed more light on the implications of the Secret Space Program.

Richard Dolan at the Secret Space Program Conference / 2014 San Mateo (Mar 2015)
Dolan is a great UFO/alien researcher because he is able to see the bigger picture: not just cataloging sightings and experiences, or uncovering new government files, but presenting the ramifications of disclosure and the presence of ETs.

Full Disclosure - Hon. Paul T. Hellyer (Mar 2015)
Former Defence Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, exposes the millitary-industrial cabal or elite that has hijacked the United States and ET technology, and uses continuous warmongering and it miliary might to economically and physically enslave the world. Hellyer proposes solutions.

Linda Moulton Howe: ET Resurrection Anunnaki & Interdimensional War (Feb 2015)
Dark Journalist interviews ET investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, concludes after years of research that UFO abduction is a program in resurrection technology to help human souls master inter-dimensional travel and restore the balance between worlds, dimensions and timelines.

The Crossing Point of Light / A Workshop with Dr. Seven Greer (Jan 2015)
Greer takes the whole UFO issue to a deeper consciousness level and discusses technologies that are consciousness driven. He discusses transdimensional interstellar ET technologies and how secrecy and and the fear of ridicule are preventing humanity from moving forward.

ET Healer Rochelle D'Elia (Dec 2014)
Rochelle D'Elia and Tracy Taylor are two extraterrestrial women inhabiting human bodies. They have both now learned to use language, symbols ad energy to heal and awaken human consciousness. This video looks at their personal stories.

I Know What I Saw / History Channel (Dec 2014)
Another great documentary that shows that the UFO phenomena is real and that more and more people are witnessing strange craft in our sky. It is only a matter of time before our governments admit that this phenomena is a real one.

Richard Dolan: Why UFOs Matter (Oct 2014)
It is very easy to dismiss UFOs as a curiosity at best or just "conspiracy theory" nonsense. In this interview, Dolan tells us why UFOs matter and what they mean for humanity. You can see more of Dolan's research at his website: www.richarddolanpress.com.

ET Invasion Has Already Occurred & Governments Are Hiding This From Us (Apr 2014)
Laura Eisenhower, a descendant of Dwight Eisenhower, asserts that the ET invasion of Earth has already happened and that our governments are hiding this truth from us. Our leaders sold us out to the grey aliens in exchange for technology. Read her full disclosure document here.

Timothy Good Interview - Richard Hall / Rich Planet TV (Jan 2014 - Forbidden Knowledge)
Timothy Good is a pioneering UFO researcher, and over the years he has published seminal books such as Above Top Secret and Alien Liaison. In this interview with Richard Hall at Rich Planet, Good gives an authoritative and considered summary of the UFO/Alien phenomena.

Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Confirms Existence of ETs on Earth (Dec 2013)
Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of Defense in the 1960s, and headed Canada's armed forces during the Cold War. Now that he has retired, he is speaking out about ETs visiting Earth and even living amongst us. Even many of technologies we have have come from the ETs.

BASES 20: The New Humans with Mary Rodwell / Miles Johnston (Jan 2013)
This is a 2013 update of Mary Rodwell's original 2010 interview on the New Humans. Humanity is changing and the ET influence is getting much stronger. The future, although it seems bleak, is actually now positive as our collective consciousness is morphing.

The New Humans by Mary Rodwell / Lecture at British Exopolitics Expo (Dec 2012)
Rodwell presents testimony from over 1600 cases that she has collated that indicate that ET intelligences are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on this planet. There seems to be a whole ET agenda underway that is creating a new "species" of human.

Secrets about Men in Black: Full Russian Documentary (Dec 2012)
This is one of the most interesting documentaries on aliens, taking things a lot further than just sightings. Here we understand that aliens are living amongst us and have powerful psychic abilities, and how their technology is being used by a small secret cabal of humans.

Sirius: It Is Time For You To Know / Documentary on Steven Greer's Work (Jun 2012)
This is an important documentary that will blow the lid on the black project that is secretly developing free-energy and anti-gravity technologies that were originally based on crashed UFO technology. If you strongly want disclosure, donate to: www.sirius.neverendinglight.com

UFO: The Truth is Out There/ UFO TV (May 2012)
Fascinating documentary exposing how a large number of high-ranking military officers, government officials and highly credible witnesses who believe we are being visited by aliens from other planets.

UFOs Best Evidence - Government Cover-up (Mar 2012)
Documentary on how governments cover up UFO evidence by lying about their interest in the subject, putting out disinformation, encouraging public ridicule and threatening whistleblowers. "It is the story that cannot be told because no one can believe it can be true." L. Moulton-Howe

Grey Aliens Filmed by KGB / Ivan0135 (May 2011)
These are purportedly old film taken by the KGB of grey aliens. In one of the segments there is a UFO flying, in another a crashed UFO with alien bodies, another has a closeup of a gray (you can see him/her blinking, and lastly there is a shot of a group of aliens walking. Relatively convincing.

The Incredible UFO/Humanoids in our Sky? (May 2011)
These video clips from Mexico show what appears to be humanoids flying around in the sky. These shorts could be faked, they could be miliary testing of flying packs or they could be "visitors".

Planet X and ET Contact - Ann Eller / UFOTV (Apr 2011)
Ann Eller worked as Dr Allen Hynek's personal secretary, and here she offers a unique, although questionable, insignt into UFOs and the alien agenda, and her story will be challenging for both UFO aficionados and those relatively new to the topic.

Alien Types & The Abduction & Contact Experience / Joe Montaldo (Mar 2011)
Facinating radio with Joe Montaldo, the International Community for Alien Research director and spokesperson, and one of the world's most knowledgeable individuals on the subjct. You can see more by visiting the ICAR website at www.icar1.com.

UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact (Mar 2011)
Explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure and hyper-dimensional realities. This is actually v2.0 of this documentary.

UFO over Jerusalem's Dome Of The Rock (Jan 2011)
On January 28th 2011 a shining white object was filmed over the Dome Of The Rock Temple in Jerusalem. This is the clearest video. The veracity of this event was corroborated by other witnesses and films from different angles.

Former Canadian Defence Minister Talks about Aliens and UFOs (April 2008)
Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defence Minister, talks about the general coverup associated with UFO phenomena and alien contact. This is a must-see video.

Aliens Structures on the Moon / David Hatcher Childress (2007)
A great compilation of interviews on the secrecy that surrounds the existence of UFOs and how pictures of artificial structures on the moon have been air-brushed out. Even the President does not have clearance to know about UFOs and aliens.

Examination of an Alien-Human Hybrid Skull and its Implications (Jun 2010)
An interview I filmed with Lloyd Pye. Lloyd is a researcher in aspects of human origins. For the past 12 years, Lloyd has been the caretaker of a unique pair of skulls. One of which called 'The Starchild' could shed light on our true human origin.

Volunteer Souls & Lost Knowledge / Project Camelot (May 2010)
Past-life regressionist and author Dolores Cannon discussed the waves of people known as "volunteers," aliens in human form, who are coming to Earth in increasing numbers. These aliens in human form are here to ease the coming transition.

NASA Photographs Huge Spherical Objects Orbiting Sun (Jan 2010)
Huge metallic-looking spherical objects orbiting close to the sun have recently been photographed by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft. These photos have since been removed and the objects explained away as photo resolution blemishes!

2012 UFOs Are Here / Open Your Minds (Mar 2008)
An interesting melange of 2012 video-bites that includes info on ETs, UFOs and the 2012 awakening.

William Pawelec Interview - Dr Steven Greer (Dec 2010)
Pawelec was a US Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with high security clearance who had direct experience with black projects. He gave this interview to Greer back in 2001 on condition that it would not be released until after his death (2007).

Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence: Dr. Steven Greer (Jul 2009)
This is an inspiring lecture that Greer gave at the European Exopolitics Summit in Spain 2009. In it he shows that we, rather than our governments are the true ambassadors for humanity, and that contact with ETs is now taking place.

Project Camelot Interviews Dr. Steven Greer (Jul 2009)
After the above lecture, Project Camelot interviewed Greer to question him about his "good ET" perspective. (Unfortunately, the interview is marred by one of the interviewers' unprofessional interruptions and general hostility.)

Project Camelot Interviews Jim Marrs (Feb 2009)
Jim Marrs interviewed about a myriad of topics including The Rise of the Forth Reich, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, Nazi technology, Aliens, geopolitical analysis, the power of the military-industrial complex and the Illuminati.

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied - VIDEO by Jose Escamilla
This is one of the best videos produced on UFOs, extraterrestrials and the US government cover-up. Includes much credible testimony.

David WilcockProject Camelot - Robert Dean (2007)
Bob Dean, a retired Command Sergeant Major who once had Cosmic Top Secret clearance giving him access to military information on the existence of UFOs and ETs. After retiring from the military, he took the courageous decision to defy his Oath of Secrecy and speak publicly about his findings.

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UFO Disclosure Project - Full Version (Posted Feb 2006)
Steven Greer's Disclosure Project presentation back in 2001 in which a number of ex high ranking military officials, commercial pilots and air traffic controllers speak about some of their UFO experiences and their willingness to testify before congress.

Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIG-21 Accelerates (Posted 2006)
This was originally classified Soviet Airforce footage taken of a cylindrical object that several MIG-21s were scrambled to intercept.