Agenda 21 & New World Order - Videos

Agenda 21 - David Icke - Blueprint For Global Control (Dec 2015)
Icke's presentation of Agenda 21 is one of the most impassioned and informative. Agenda 21 will corral the human population in massive cities called human settlement zones whilst the land will be taken away from small farmers and private owners and leased/sold to massive corporations.

Agenda 21 - Open Mind Conference 2013 - Rosa Koire (Jan 2014)
Rosa Koire lectures in Denmark on the danger of Agenda 21 and "Sustainable Development", and how the future of the human race is one of slavery and surveillance under a corporatocracy. We have all been sold out by our leaders and democracy is all but finished.

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order - Agenda 21 (Jan 2014)
Our governments have implemented a plan to drastically reduce the world's population using poisons such as GMO foods, pharmaceuticals, fluoridated water, microwave radiation and chemtrails. The human race is facing genocide and yet the mainstream media ignore this issue.

Agenda 21 Explained for Dummies (Sep 2013)
This video is a medley of lecture clips explaining what Agenda 21 is about and its implications for humanity. "Sustainable development" is a doctrine that is now being taught to our children, one that will destroy our constitution and end private property. This is a massive threat to civilisation.

Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth - Agenda 21 (Mar 2013)
This is Agenda 21 or "Sustainable Development" in action. Agenda 21 is less about science and more about a political agenda. Here we see what happens when a scientist speaks out about the spurious science that is being used to justify insane projects that are part of Agenda 21.

Ann Bressington Exposes UN Agenda 21 Club of Rome Population Control (Feb 2013)
The Club of Rome came up with Agenda 21 in order to unite the world in facing a new calamity, which would open the door to world government and the end of democracy, human rights and private ownership. This is a full destruction of our civilization under the guise of "sustainability".

Agenda 21 - Behind the Green Mask - Rosa Koire (Sep 2012)
Rosa Koire is author of Behind the Green Mask and here she explains what Agenda 21 really is. Under the guise of "Sustainable Development", a political agenda that is basically a takeover of the world. Agenda 21 can be defeated and here Koire talks about the importance of resistance.

Joan Veon Expains One World Government (Dec 2009)
Plans are underway for a one world dictatorship and here Joan Veon explains how it has been underway for centuries and how events are gathering pace so that a world government is now very likely in our lifetime. This must be resisted if we are all not going to wake up as slaves.

Agenda 21 Alert - Public-Private Partnerships - Joan Veon (Dec 2009)
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are one of the primary tools being used by the globalists to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development because they allow the takeover of government assets. Suddenly profit becomes the bottom line and the people suffer. Click here for Part 2.