Orthodoxy means not thinking - not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. Orwell, 1984

Energygrid Magazine is a multi-issue publication that challenges orthodoxy in all shapes and forms. Our aim is not just to promote alternatives but to encourage genuine open-mindedness.

New Charlie Hebdo CoverCharlie Hebdo Publish New Edition after the Paris Massacre (Jan 2015)
This new magazine cover by Charlie Hebdo featuring the Prophet Muhammad makes a poignant political statement, although a less offensive one this time. Even so, here are millions around the world who consider this depiction a blasphemy that should carry the death penalty. But this knee-jerk Neanderthal response by Islamic fundamentalists is often exploited by intelligence agencies in their bid to frighten Western populations into giving up more civil liberties, fast tracking the imposition of a police state. These terrorists were trained and armed by the West, so the big question is: did the French authorities allow the Paris massacre to happen for political reasons, giving Western governments another Pearl Harbour opportunity to extend terrorism legislation at the expense of liberty, and focusing the public back on terrorism and security rather than austerity measures and corporate greed?

Gearoid O'Colmain Discusses the French Terror Chrisis with RT Int. / Jan 2014
Journalist Gearoid O'Colmain maintains that the best way to protect citizens is to have a responsible foreign policy, but instead the West (specifically France, UK & the US and their allies) have been training and arming the very Islamic fundamentalists now attacking Western targets.

Surviving Ebola!
Steve Hickey & Hilary Roberts—08/2014
Ebola is a viral disease which kills 50%-90% of those infected. Originating in Africa, it is now spreading around the world. Doctors currently offers no specific treatment, but high-dose Vitamin C (at least 10g a day) can significantly increase your chances of surviving this disease. [more]
Nonduality can all too easily be reduced to nihilistic philosophy when we try to disown the mind and ego in our efforts to reach awakening. These are integral parts of ourselves, and if we want authentic awakening, we need to lovingly accept and integrate them. [more]
Most of us think of toothpaste as healthy for us, but Klaus Ferlow shows us that most toothpastes are a concoction of poisionous chemicals and damaging ingredients. Anyone interested in being truely healthy should always use completely natural toothpastes like neem toothpaste. [more]
The Miraculous Neem
Klaus Ferlow—02/2014
The neem tree is native to India and Burma and the oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the olive shaped fruit. Herbalist Klaus Ferlow outlines some of neem oil's numerous and remarkable healing properties which have made it a mainstay of the Ayurvedic pharmacy. [more]
All Memory Is False Memory
John Smith—02/2014
Only by deconstructing the reality that we think we live in can we free ourselves from the claustrophobic oppression of identity. Here we look at some of the assumptions of reality and some of the methods used to break it open to reveal oneness. [more]
Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil, better known as rosehip seed oil, has remarkable skin-regenerating properties which make it an essential component to skincare regimes, helping to smooth out wrinkles, reduce unsightly age spots and even regenerating scarred and damaged skin. [more]
Finding Happiness
John Smith—01/2014
We have to turn our backs on happiness if we are to find it. This is because much of what we define as happiness is just ego-validation, and egos are the source of our discontentment. As long as we pursue happiness, we will never find it. [more]
We are all becoming aware that the food we eat and the air we breathe bring health-destroying toxins into our bodies. But few realize that standard cosmetics and skin products also do the same, which is why we should always choose chemical-free, natural products. [more]
If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, mercury detoxes are a must. This is because mercury is a very poisonous metal and just the act of chewing will release potentially dangerous amounts of mercury into your body. [more]
We think we want to be a somebody, but the deeper drive is actually to be a nobody. That is why drug and alcohol addiction is so prevalent — we find the conceptual self too suffocating. The solution is to step out of time, and this is how it is done. [more]